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Data Connectivity for Wide Area Network (WAN)

Seamlessly extend your local area network into a wide area network (WAN) for multi-site businesses, establish clearer connections and reduced telco bills for voice or video communications, mirror data for brilliant business continuity and more.

High Speed Internet

Connect to the world with business-grade, high-availability, high-speed Internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds. This is a key benefit of the MAXNET Fixed Wireless Broadband network.
The network uses licensed radio spectrum with the latest encryption and security features to provide the highest level of security and reliability that is commercially available. Our customer organizations are connected to the world by placing a MAXNET radio transceiver on their building. This transceiver is connected to the MAXNET Fixed Wireless Point to Multi Point network via a high speed wireless connection beaming across the city.

Wide Range of Business Applications

MAXNET enables enterprises to enhance their main business. It provides a better way to connect teams to the internet and each other.
Main applications that has been running on MAXNET customer networks include:
Virtual Private Network:
MAXNET wireless network allows remotely distributed offices and service points to access the corporate network form almost anywhere
Business Continuity:
MAXNET wireless network enables business users to continue online even in the cases of network interruptions by avoiding losing access to data centers and corporate resources. Automatic fail over features allows this advantage when configured in the terminal side.
Temporary installations:
MAXNET Wireless network is a perfect solution not only for connecting temporary offices, but also for relocating sites in moving construction industries
Cloud applications:
Most organization are currently using some sort of cloud application such as ERP & office tools. MAXNET helps facilitating an infrastructure to enable organizations achieve this level of productivity.
Voice & Video Communications:
Symmetrical behavior of MAXNET wireless network fulfils the need of different organizations to communicate with remote office by the use of VoIP or video applications and reduce cost while ensuring quality.
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